Tradition with new vision

25 More than 25 years in the solid fuel market
6 Operating in 6 European countries
16 mil We have sold over
16.000.000 tonnes
of solid fuels
3.0 bil Group turnover
exceeding CZK 3 billion a year
750 mil Equity exceeding
CZK 750 million

Ridera Group

We trade about 1,800,000 tonnes of goods a year.

RIDERA a.s. operates in Central and Eastern Europe. Through its subsidiaries, it carries out business mainly in the markets of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Germany and Hungary.


Heating plants. Power plants. Large industrial enterprises. Thousands of households. Hundreds of businessmen and entrepreneurs. Ridera reliably supplies solid fuels to all without exception. It provides complex supplies of aggregates, recycled materials and building substrates. It is an experienced partner in the building industry.

Sale of Coal and Coke

We are a direct distributor of certified solid fuels. We supply solid fuels to major European energy and industrial companies on a regular basis. Supplying high-quality lignite, bituminous coal and coke, we also help maintain heat in your homes.

We have already sold 16.000.000 tonnes of energy and sorted kinds of fuels.

We supply you with first-class bulk coal and coke directly from producers in the Czech Republic and Poland. We have been operating in the market since 1991. We are a partner that you can rely on in for the long-term supply of fuel.

We provide direct contractual supplies of lignite, bituminous coal and coke in huge volumes according to the specific requirements of power plants, heating plants, industrial companies or wholesale customers.

We dictate business trends. We are pioneers in packed coal, wooden pallets, briquettes for automatic boilers and conventional stoves and ovens.

Building Activities

We provide complex realization of your constructions. More than sixty years of tradition in building activities guarantee our high quality required for the realization of technically complex and atypical buildings.

We continue our 60-year experience in building activities in both the public and private sector.

We have completed a number of unique buildings. They include modern architecture with atypical elements, construction or modernization of large-capacity buildings and halls. Whether working for demanding private investors or constructing buildings used by the general public, we always carry out our work in an individual, responsible and reliable manner. The fact that we do a great job is proven by the number of awards we have received in prestigious contests.

We can help you not only with the building as a whole, but also with partial construction works. We perform groundworks and demolitions. As a certified customer and processer of building waste, we store it, recycle and make building substrates. We use the exploited material in a waste dump or directly on the site to cover your further needs.

Aggregate and recycled materials

We supply the entire range of aggregates and recycled materials. We exploit the material ourselves, trade it, recycle and provide storage services. We will satisfy all your construction needs: from earth-work, area cleaning, backfill, ground shaping, pavement or road base and construction layer, to aggregate designated for use in concrete and mortars.

We have our own state-of-the-art production technologies.

We are your wholesale and retail supplier of mined, crushed and recycled aggregate. We have been working with stone quarries and sand pits in the Czech Republic, mainly in the Moravian-Silesian Region, over many years. We also use the latest equipment to exploit, sort, crush and further process the aggregate. We produce recycled materials. We recycle building materials also directly on construction sites.

Other services

Ridera Reality

We perform facility management and rent the group real estates.

Ridera Sport

We run a modern sports facility in Ostrava with a wide range of sports activities - tennis, badminton, swimming pool, massage, fitness centre.

We support

The Ridera Group likes to share success. And thanks to you, we sponsor good causes and support meaningful projects in the area of culture, sports, etc.


Díky naší podpoře může Dětský fond OSN - UNICEF zasahovat v situacích přírodních nebo válečných katastrof a rozvíjet projekty na pomoc dětem v nejchudších oblastech světa.

HC Vítkovíce

In the 2009/2010 season, Ridera became one of the major partners of the extra league ice hockey club HC Vítkovice.

Ondřej Bank

We decided to support a good cause and symbolically give a helping hand to successful Ondřej Bank who successfully represents our country.

Anděl Awards

The Ridera Group is a traditional partner of the annual Popular Music Academy’s Anděl Awards.


We became an exclusive partner of a programme of the United Nations Children’s Fund - UNICEF Czech Republic called Back to School to support educational programmes for children who do not have access to education.

Duhová víla Ranch

We sponsor the “Duhová víla Ranch” that was established to improve the quality of life of both children and adults. One of its priorities is a return to nature through horses.

Figure Skating Championship of the Czech Republic

We sponsor the Figure Skating Championship of the Czech Republic in the pupils, younger pupils, youngest pupils and younger pupils dancing pairs categories.

For media

Ivana Klepková
Manager for Communication

+420 596 664 821

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